July 14, 2014
DOWNLOAD! Download, download. Don’t assume something you love will be on the web tomorrow. Archiving is the new folk art.
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im fucking with this

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July 11, 2014



people should just reply to anon hate with this


damn dude thats brutal

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July 10, 2014
  • Pyotr: I have no idea what I'm doing in this new Yahoo Backyard
  • tagsavage: You are in a Yahoo backyard. There is a skeleton here.
  • Pyotr: Walk to skeleton
  • tagsavage: Okay.
  • Pyotr: Walk to skeleton
  • tagsavage: You already did that!
  • Pyotr: Drink skeleton
  • tagsavage: I don't know how to drink skeleton.
  • Pyotr: Learn how to drink skeleton
  • tagsavage: You pull your Book of Learning from your weathered satchel.
  • tagsavage: Table of Contents
  • tagsavage: I. Potions
  • tagsavage: II. Beverages
  • tagsavage: III. Skeletons
  • tagsavage: IV. Swords
  • tagsavage: V. Advanced
  • Pyotr: Go to chapter III
  • tagsavage: "Skeletons: Much has been told of skeletons by our forefathers. They lay at rest until disturbed, at which point they move unpredictably and cause random damage. They can be eaten or drunk with the assistance of a grindstone and a goblet."
  • sultan: That's the whole chapter?
  • tagsavage: The script is rather large.
  • Pyotr: Place grindstone on skeleton
  • tagsavage: You remove a grindstone from your weathered satchel.
  • Pyotr: Place goblet on skeleton
  • tagsavage: You place the goblet on the skeleton. It appears to...move?
  • Pyotr: Take off shirt
  • tagsavage: You remove your shirt. The skeleton is now sitting upright.
  • Pyotr: Drink skeleton
  • tagsavage: You drink the skeleton.
July 9, 2014


Can I do a couple shouts out?

Go for it dude, shouts out

Are you sure it’s cool?


Shout out to Hed Tred

Shout out to some guy

Shout out to Megazord

Shout out to Sean

Shout out to Jordan

Shout out to Rob

Happy birthday Jordan

Shout out to Jeff

Shout out to Chantelle

Shout out to Rob

Shout out to Hed Tred

Happy birthday Jordan

Shout out to Flintcog

Shout out to Cristobal

Shout out to Carpanetii, did you mention him? He’s also absent

Shout out to our brodie, Dave

Shout out to A JO

Dan Devrine


That girl that used to come over and play violin. Were you around for that?

Shout out to Missy

Shouts out to Missy’s dad!

Jordan, happy birthday


Shout out to Zoober, Paul

Shout out to Deemer, Ryan Deemer, moving up to Portland. Could be, trying to get him here.

Who else is uh…there’s been a couple uh—There’s a guy that played recorder outside of the bookstore. Reggae dude, down in LA, outside of Family. What? Remember that guy? Big wheels on his skateboard

All those kids from the coast, from Ilwaco that tried to host Catch That Beat. What’s that crew?

Shouts out to the cube

Coastal Nick! And his homies there. They got up good on it

Who else came downstairs?

Toby. Shouts out to Toby. Toby’s first night

Cole? Cole Miller played on this

Oh…Cole…uh, Sutter?

Tommy Boujay, he’s been in Rob


Go Paul!

Lauren Fetter been in Rob, true

E*Rock’s been in Rob

And Ratatat

And those kids from New York in the basement got up on the mic that one time

Oh yeah the German guy from TBA! Yeah that was a good one. He got up on that

Shouts out to Tom Bleezy. Shouts out to—it’s cool, he, Tom couldn’t be here tonight




Captain Kirk

Ric Flair

All the space geese

Send a big shout out to Winston Churchill

Kenny G

DJ Spice Boys

M.L. Mae


Who we forgetting?

There are other people in Rob.

Guitron—danced to Rob

Where are the girls?


Honey has been in Rob, fuck yeah

I think Ashby has been in Rob, and her brother

Lucky Dragons

White Fang, definitely been in Rob, many times

Garrett. Garrett presents Garrett dot com

Yeah we said Hooker, Hooker is in there

Yeah we got Dave Coyne the brodie, he played in northeast?

And J Coyne

Beth was in Rob for sure, for sheezy up on tapes


Supertapes. This is a shout out to Supertapes now.

I also think we can give a shout out to Gnar Tapes and Rad 

We should shout out Nationale. I think May has been in Rob actually, yes she has

Rad Summer shouts out

Who else has been in this band? It’s a lot

Megazord, yeah we shouted him

Oh yeah, and that other kid called up on the podcast and got in

Yeah, Jason likes science kit, Tommy Boujay, they were in Rob


What about the Quasi new years eve night? There were a bunch of people there that night with E*Rock and Ratatat

The Japanese, E*Rocks homie, yeah, yeah, oh yeah!

Frank Carrell, fucking been in Rob. Aaron Frank Carrell. Shouts out to him.

You. Technically everybody that listens is in the band

What I did today? Shit. What I do every Monday, I dream about Rob practice later on. First I gotta go through five hours of, “What’s up with the electricity? How come the bathroom floor don’t work? When we gonna go to Home Depot? Are you gonna make me feel like a turk?”

Talked to Keith. Shouts out to Keith, he wants to join the band

I gotta get Heather with the flow up here, she’s got good floor

Sarah Meadows, shouts out

I do believe Christy has played in Rob as well

Leslie from the White Fang Crew


Kyle, Kyle been big up, Kyle been big up on Rob, many times. Yup, bass

The fuck else did I do today? I went and got some flowers. I also gave some flowers. Picked up the Tuneyards master from Timothy Stolawork who is going to master this shit. Shouts out to you Timothy! 


Seth, man, Seth Latago, has played in Rob, up in 402

Oak Street, what about—

Who got up on Rob there?

Lauren Rulaph got up on Rob up there


Jessi and Shannon, they got up on that, gotta have at least a little of that

Brian Foote, been up on Rob

Homie from Starving Weirdos has been up on it

Sacramento, big up

Oh yeah, I have Fox, Fox has played in Rob

What else?



Ableton Live

Bigs ups to the iPod Touch

Oh, Paul, Strategy Paul. Dickow, back in the day! Medicine hat. Blackbird

Oh, the venues maybe

Like, um, parking lot of Holocene, big ups for the 

Yeah, we’re going to make a tunnel from here to Holocene to Sassy’s

Yup, big up to Sassy’s. Strippers smoking outside, showing the world a little something. Don’t hang out in front of Holocene, hang out in front of Sassy’s. Go smoke over across the street. Strippers have to hang out to smoke.

Can you still smoke in the back of Holocene?

Oh, no

Really? In the green room? Oh shit, all green rooms everywhere. Clean rooms

Chris Himes, he’s played in fucking Rob

That’s it

That’s everybody

Nobody has ever played in Rob

We want there to be more Rob Walmarts so if you want to start one in your town, feel free to do so. Take the band name, start playing gigs

Do it worse than we do, because we want to be the best

But you can have the name

Coastal Nick

Jona has been in Rob, that’s a fact

Schroeder has definitely been in Rob, yes

James Sumner, yes

D Lo ever play in Rob? He might have gotten up in that, yeah, this past summer

Amber too

Some of May’s friends who were buzzing through town one time, played up on that Thanksgiving, I forget their names. I remember playing with them

I bet Laurel’s been up on that. Word.

Cole Moldy Milner

I think this was right before I joined Rob. Missed my chance to be on this shout out track.

"We want there to be more Rob Walmarts so if you want to start one in your town, feel free to do so. Take the band name, start playing gigs"

July 8, 2014






July 7, 2014

Congratulations dalas verdugo, 2014 UrHo Champion!

Picture of the hole in one that secured the win.


Congratulations dalas verdugo, 2014 UrHo Champion!

Picture of the hole in one that secured the win.

July 2, 2014
The biggest obstacle to creativity is attachment to outcome. As soon as you become attached to a specific outcome, you feel compelled to control and manipulate what you’re doing. And in the process you shut yourself off to other possibilities.

I got a call from someone who wanted me to lead a workshop on creativity. He needed to tell his management exactly what tools people would come away with. I told him I didn’t know. I couldn’t give him a promise, because then I’d become attached to an outcome — which would defeat the purpose of any creative workshop.’

It’s hard for corporations to understand that creativity is not just about succeeding. It’s about experimenting and discovering.

Mt Tabor business has a Portland strategy.  


Mt Tabor business has a Portland strategy.  

June 30, 2014
sun’s out guns out - take off your shirt and tuck it in the specially-designed waistband loop

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